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Floor Plants
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wpe8A.jpg (33798 bytes)
Norfolk Island Pine
wpe82.jpg (25657 bytes)
Bird of Paradise
wpe6.jpg (40336 bytes)
 Ming Aralia
wpe9C.jpg (41501 bytes)
Podocarpus Weeping
wpe9E.jpg (27034 bytes)
 Golden Pothos Totum
    #FP100    5'-6'    $55       #FP102    5'-6'    $55       #FP104   5'-6'    $75       #FP106   5'-6'    $75   #FP106   5'-6'    $55  
    #FP101    6'-7'    $110     #FP103    6'-7'    $110     #FP105    6'-7'    $150     #FP107    6'-7'    $150  #FP107   6'-7'    $110
wpeA9.jpg (16497 bytes)
Schefflera Amate
wpe8E.jpg (29482 bytes)
Philodendron Burgundy Totem
wpe98.jpg (36868 bytes)
Split Leaf Philodendron  Totem
wpeAF.jpg (33779 bytes)
Variegated  Aboracola  Bush Form
wpeB1.jpg (33848 bytes)
Aboracola  Bush Form
    #FP108    5'-6'    $55      #FP110    4'-5'    $55      #FP112    4'-5'    $55      #FP114   5'-6'    $55  &nbnbsp;   #FP116   5'-6'    $55 
    #FP109    6'-7'    $110     #FP111    5'-6'    $110     #FP113    5'-6'    $110     #FP115   6'-7'    $110     #FP117   6'-7'    $110
wpe111.jpg (20980 bytes)
China Doll
wpe113.jpg (12913 bytes)
Cast Iron
wpe115.jpg (13707 bytes)
Cactus Euphorbia
wpe117.jpg (23388 bytes)
Aralia Rose Leaf
wpe119.jpg (19398 bytes)
Aralia Dinner Plate
 #FP118   5'-6'    $55   #FP120   3'-4'    $55   #FP122   4'-5'    $65   #FP124       #FP126   
  #FP119   6'-7'    $110    #FP121   5'-6"    $110      price on request price on request
wpe11B.jpg (19425 bytes)
Cycas Revoluta
wpe11D.jpg (13086 bytes)
wpe120.jpg (21136 bytes)
Arrowhead Ivy Totem

Spath Sensation
wpe124.jpg (11733 bytes)
Spath Linea 
 #FP128   3'-4'    $75  #FP130   3'-4'    $55  #FP132   2'-3'    $55  #FP134   3'-4'     #FP136   3'-4'    $55 
    #FP131   4'-5'    $110  #FP135   4'-5'       #FP137   4'-5'    $110
wpeBF.jpg (24261 bytes)
Silver King  
wpe6.jpg (14697 bytes)
Spiral Alberta
 Spruce 6 ft.
wpe6F.jpg (20234 bytes)
3 Tiered
Privet 6 ft.

wpe46.jpg (22479 bytes) 
Bunny Topiary

wpeCD.jpg (29708 bytes)
Anthurium Crystal Hope
 #FP138   3'-4'    $55  #FP140    #FP142      #FP144    #FP146   
  #FP139   4'-5'    $110  price on request price on request price on request price on request

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The Schefflera is good if you need a bushy plant from top to bottom. It stays straight up and down. The Schefflera likes moderate to bright light. Watering should go from wet to the low end of moist on your moisture meter. If it gets too dry, the leaves will yellow. If it gets too wet, it will drop green leaves. Major pest concerns would be mealy bugs or spider mites.

The Bird of Paradise is a good tall, slender, up and down plant. It is a top grow only plant. The new leaves unroll out of new spikes. They don?t always open evenly. That is what creates the tear look in the leaves. The White Bird of Paradise likes medium to high light. Major pests for this plant is the spider mite and scale.

The Spath Sensation is a very attractive floor plant commonly known as a peace lily as it frequently has a white bloom. This variety is known as a sensation because of its large wide leaves. It grows to a height of about 3 feet and will do well in a low light to high light areas. The plant likes a lot of moisture so keep in the wet down to the moist range constantly. In low light keep it in the moist range. If it runs too dry, the leaves will sag but will recover a few hours after watering. The variety shown here has been grown in a 14" growing pot.

The Yucca plant is a member of the dracaena family of cane plants. It can handle direct sun as well as very hot areas. This is a very desert-like looking plant that is almost impervious to plant disease. They may have mealy bug or spider mite, but the biggest killer of this plant is keeping it too wet. 

The Aboracolla is a member of the tubadentus family and is a small leaf version of the Shefflera. It can handle medium to high light and should be kept in the moist range. When it is too wet, this plant will drop green leaves and if it is too dry the leaves will turn yellow. The 2 pests that seem to bother this plant are mealy bug and spider mite.

The Rubber Plant is a member of the ficus family. As a result it likes to be kept in the moderate to high light range. It should to be kept in the moist range not wet ! The mealy bug is the most common pest to attack this plant. It is available with a green, dark green and variegated leaves.

The Spiral Dwarf Alberta Spruce makes a great plant for the front porch, lawn or patio plant. It is a full sun plant...not an indoor plant. This spruce is a dense slow growing, perfectly cone shaped evergreen shrub which has been trained into a topiary landscape plant. New growth emerges bright green turning gray green with aging. To maintain its form, prune lightly in late summer and winter. Water thoroughly and allow to dry between waterings. Use all purpose fertilizer in spring before new growth begins. 

The Privet is another great entry way or patio plant. It is usually done as a 2 or 3 tiered topiary and is a full sun type plant that has a white flower in late spring and early summer. New growth emerges as a light green and darkens with age. Water the Privet until wet and allow to dry. If it is too dry, the leaves will begin to shrivel and yellow. It can be trimmed at anytime of the year to keep its shape, but it is preferable to trim it after it is finished blooming.

The False Arilia makes a nice floor plant if you have a high light area. The soil  likes to range from wet to moist.  Its leaves are slender and mature growth is a very dark green.  It grows  pretty much up  and down and keeps a compact format.  In a 14" grower pot the plant will reach 7' to 8' in height.   The pest to be on the alert for would be mealy bug or spider mite.

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